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Philippine Dive Holidays… it does what it says on the tin! We specialise in organising dive holidays to top diving destinations in the Philippines.

Tony and Siobhan decided to start a business after spending many years giving advice to people we met or during dive shows. As we received a lot of good feedback, we thought it would be a great idea to start our own travel agency! Hence Philippine Dive Holidays was born. Over many years of diving in the Philippines we have gained a LOT of experience and as we continue to spend half our time in the Philippines and the other half in England, we are able to update our knowledge on what’s hot in the dive world. In addition to this, because we have worked with and been to many different dive resorts across the Philippines, we are a good authority on who is good, bad and indifferent. We strive to work with those who are responsible and good ambassadors for the sea and just so happen to have become good friends to hang out with at the end of the diving day, preferably with a San Miguel in hand while the sun sets.

siobhanI was born and raised in the Philippines and although I spend half the year in England and my name is as Irish as you can get, I am at home in the seas of the Philippines. Growing up, I spent all of my spare time at the beach with family pretending to be Little Mermaid in the sea. My diving career started off as a young teenager, sneaking off one day to go on a dive with a local guide just using his spare regulator!

After that day I was even more in love with the underwater world and pestered my parents enough to be able to do the Open Water course. Over the years I have worked my way up to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and more recently I have dipped into the ‘dark side’ of Tech Diving as well as practicing a bit of underwater photography. For me, it’s just such a buzz being able to help someone experience the amazing underwater world of the Philippines. I hope to see you there!

tony‘Ah what the hell, I’m going diving for a year or so’, I said back in March 2004. Well that year turned into 2 and a half years and in that time I had gone from holiday diver to an Instructor with a serious passion for underwater video.

The video thing kind of got out of hand and medium sized fortunes were spent on camera, housings, lighting, computers, hard drives… On the upside it took me all over the Philippines to most of the countries main dive destinations making films for dive centres, resort, Liveaboard companies and the occasional bit of TV work.

I love the Philippines, the people, the climate, the lifestyle, but most of all the diving. There is something for everyone in the Philippines and you just have to look at my video throughout this website to see that.

I believe the Philippines deserves greater recognition as a world beating dive destination, I hope that by forming Philippine Dive Holidays, in some small way, we can help the Philippines and show the outside world what a cracking good holiday you can have here whilst seeing some of the most incredible marine life on the Planet.

So… Our aim is to continue to explore new dive destinations in the Philippines to find those hidden gems. We love diving and being underwater for practically half the year – it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it! – and this means we have up to date and reliable knowledge to share about what to expect when diving in the Philippines.

There is definitely something for everyone and with our infinite knowledge about the different destinations we can shape your holiday to what you want.

We take you beyond the ordinary… exceptional knowledge for an extraordinary experience!

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